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progeSOFT chooses the LifeGate’s clean energy

Como, 18 April 2008, progeSOFT, leader in low cost CAD solutions, has jointed to the LifeGate®’s Renewable Energy, choosing to consume in its establishment a 100% renewable energy. The choice to pass to the renewable sources represents for progeSOFT a considerable engagement in favour of environmental protection and a sincere  wish  to make their own activities less harmful for the ecological system. 

Till now about 90 percent of all the electric energy produced in the world  derives from the conventional sources of energy (oil, coal, gas…). These substances are not only the main source of atmospheric pollution but also sooner or later they tend to exhaust their deposits. 

progeSOFT will avoid  with the LifeGate® Renewable Energy the emission of 18.6 tons of CO2 per year and the combustion of 56 barrels of oil. 

"It is an honor for progeSOFT to participate in the LifeGate® project", declared Dino Spatafora, sales director for Italy, "in our modest position we should assume a duty of improving our habits of energy consumption because the renewable sources do not exhaust themselves and have a natural characteristic of an eternal renewal." 

progeSOFT (www.progesoft.it): 
progeSOFT, a software house, that has been specializing in the development and distribution of the CAD (Computer Aided Design) software for more than 20 years. It’s a founding member of the ITC (IntelliCAD Technology Consortium) and it enters in the ITC executive committee. 

LifeGate (www.lifegate.it): 
LifeGate, a platform, network and advisor for sustainable development, promotes a new lifestyle and an economic model “people planet profit”. The LifeGate’s division on renewable energy is an only Italian exclusive supplier of clean energy, recognized by the Authority.

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