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ProgeSOFT launches ProgeARC

Como, Italy – September 13, 2005-09

ProgeSOFT released  the new version of ArchT: ProgeARC.

ProgeARC is a complete 2D/3D parametric AEC software which
architects and designers in the drafting of civil and
industrial buildings,
both in the drafting of the project’s tablets
and in the creation of abacuses
relative to the architectural
components used.

“Why are architects and designers spending a lot of time for
a single project”
said Dott. Dino Spatafora ProgeSOFT
Marketing Director
“when they could
use our technology
DRAW IT ONCE, saving their precious time?”. 

ProgeARC, now available as application for ProgeCAD 2006
and for AutoCAD® 2000, 2000i, 2002, includes
all commands used for
the creation of architectural elements
(walls, doors, windows, stairs, roofs, etc.)
a library of
symbols of 4000 blocks and many procedures which can
the management of complete projects.

ProgeARC is the most flexible and yet the more powerful
software of its kind.
Learning to use it is quick and it reduces
drawing times; its use will demonstrate
that its performance
goes well beyond any expectation.

The key features of ProgeARC are:

– Format: Original DWG
– Compatibility with ProgeCAD 2006 Professional and
  AutoCAD® 2000,2000i,2002
– Possibility to work in 2D and 3D with no restrictions
– Creation of personalised reports
– Integrated 3D photorealistic render with automatic
  allocation of materials
– Navigation for textual and graphical data (blocks)
– Parametric creation of architectural elements (walls, doors,
  windows, stairs, roofs, etc.)
– Libraries with more than 4000 blocks
– Possibility to integrate estimate calculations

ProgeARC is available in two versions: Imperial (Works with
Inches standards)
and International Imperial/Metrics (Works
with Inches and Metrics standards).

Bookmark the web site to download the Trial of ProgeARC:


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