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FREE eBOOK for Migrating Board Drafting and Hand Sketch Designs to CAD

Are you an engineer, draftsman, architect, landscape artist, surveryor,sheet metal wood or plastics designer that does all drawings using a t-square and triangle? Are you thinking about using CAD but worried about the cost involved? CADDIT is happy to release a new, complete free eBook entitled "CADDIT Guide: From Board Drafting and Hand Sketch Designs to CAD" to answer these questions and more. Even if you are a CAD designer with several years experience, the reference information given in this free publication is well worth having. This free eBook is available now from http://www.caddit.net/auto-cad/AutoCAD.php and discussion is offered on the CADDIT forum .

This eBook includes the first section of a CAD tutorial that demonstrates opening and editing AutoCAD files without AutoCAD software, using progeCAD Professional CAD software. More information about progeCAD is at CADDIT’s Store

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