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progeCAD sponsors Como Projects – Lakefront

Saturday, 10th March 2012, the award ceremony for the best project of Como’s lakefront took place at Como’s public library. All the projects for reconstruction of Como’s lakeside were carried out by Architectural students of the Milan Polytechnic University. progeCAD’s Commercial Director for Italy, Dino Spatafora, granted licenses of BIM software, progeCAD Architecture, and licenses of generic CAD software, progeCAD 2011 Professional, to the students who devised and presented the best scheme of the Lakefront in Como.

Within the Second Architectural Design Workshop, the students worked out 15 design concepts of Como’s lakeside reconstruction, in particular the projects were focused on the study of new decorative furnishing, special paving and lighting of walkway. The scientific committee consisting of Prof. Corrado Baldi, Prof. Massimo Cartone, Prof. Aldo Castellano (the Milan Polytechnic University), Architect Leonardo Del Grosso, Doctor Lodovico Festa, Ing. Frantze Piunti and Chairman Professor Cesare Stevan (Dean of the Architectural Faculty of the Milan Polytechnic University) were judging the students’ works to assign prizes made available by progeCAD srl.

The three works selected and awarded by the jury stand out thanks to their rich design content alongside with high technical performance and a greater focus on the specific project issues.

progeCAD works in close collaboration with universities and research institutions to bring out and promote groundbreaking architectural and engineering technologies. “The projects proposed today by Architectural students are good case studies of research and design for regeneration areas,” said Dino Spatafora at the end of the ceremony “We are very pleased with the results and we hope that very soon we’ll be able to bring other new and exciting initiatives within the framework of our collaboration with universities. ”
The three projects selected by the jury are especially remarkable due to their high technical performance and a deep insight in the specific issues of the project.

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