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Dwayne Schnell, of Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada, wins progeCAD in the iCADsales.com Pick-a-Logo contest!

Sept 1st, 2009 – The iCADsales.com Pick-a-Logo Contest, running from June 1st, 2009, through August 31st, 2009, has concluded with the awarding of progeCAD software to the winning contestant.
Along with the major re-design of our website we decided to freshen the look of our logo. Three designs were submitted by a graphic design artist and presented to the iCADsales.com website members. Throughout the summer the contestants voted on the logo they felt would best represent the iCADsales.com company, the progeCAD brand, and the great people who work here.
The results are in and the logo that won was a favorite of 37% of the participants. It features a representation of an eye, with the words CAD and sales in two complimentary modern font styles and colors. An example of the new logo is posted on the header of our website at www.icadsales.com.
It was a very close race however and the other two logos have no reason to hang heads and kick rocks, with the I-beam logo design pulling a 33% return, and the logo incorporating the Drafting Compass coming in with a respectable 30%. One respondent felt all were so good that we should incorporate each into a sort of “super logo”. We tried, seriously, but it just didn’t work for us.
The contest winner walks away with the progeCAD 2009 Professional USB version which will allow him to work on DWG drawings with an interface he has experienced before on multiple computers in multiple locations. He simply takes the dongle to the machine in question and plugs it in to authorize the use of the installed progeCAD program. In addition, he receives the $99.00 USD progeCAD Viewer DWG to allow him to view and mark up DWG drawing files and perform red line markups. The markups can be sent back into progeCAD to allow the full work flow typically utilized in a design office.
The total value of his winnings is near $700.00 USD and more importantly is the opportunity this provides him in continuing to improve his CAD skills and business. He said “I won a seat of ProgeCAD Pro 2009 USB edition!! Woot. Exactly what I need”. “I was just toying with Alibre, to see if it would suit my CAD needs, but it’s stumbling on the main set of DWGs that I will be working on this week. This settles it for me!”
Our short survey during the contest gave us a few good results to pass along. A little more than half of the respondents were those who downloaded our free 30-day trial software, 54% to 46%. A full 75% of the users responding had been using CAD for over 10 years. 4% of the respondents indicated that progeCAD was NOT a good replacement for AutoCAD… We conclude that the results of that question mean that 96% of the respondents taking our survey don’t work for Autodesk.
Our thanks to all who participated. We had such a good time running the contest you can bet we will be having another soon.

About iCADsales.com
iCADsales.com (www.icadsales.com the largest progeCAD reseller worldwide, offers progeCAD Professional shipping with several different options including NLM Network, USB Mobile, and affordable Site Licensing. For a lower cost solution look to progeCAD Standard, a solution offering AutoCAD type drafting and design for 1/4 the cost of AutoCAD LT. ICADsales.com also offers progeADD-ons, solutions for industry specific design tasks, running on progeCAD. The progeAPP products include ProgeEARTH for Surveyors and Civil Engineers, progeBILLD Building Services add-ons for Mechanical/Structural, HVAC/Plumbing, and Electrical, progeCAM for true “Art to Part” machining, and the progeOFFICE series, bi-directionally linking progeCAD objects to Microsoft office applications.
Download the Free Full 30 day trial versions of each product at http://www.icadsales.com/index.pl?id=3909 with no obligation or registration required.
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