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iCADsales Ships progeBILLD Electrics for Electrical Design

PORTLAND, OR, Aug 26, 2009 – iCADsales.com announced today the availability of an Electrical Design software solution called progeBILLD Electrics, running on progeCAD 2009 Professional.

The progeBILLD series is a lineup of progeADD-ons for building services, providing modules for Electrical, HVAC/Plumbing, and Mechanical/Structural. iCADsales.com expects to release the other progeBILLD modules within the next few weeks.

ProgeBILLD Electrics is a powerful application for designing lighting, low-tension, power plant, aerial, alarm and other electrical installations used in architectural plans and maps. It contains intelligent inserting and removing symbols, creating fittings and standard parts of installations and automatic generation of specifications.

progeBILLD Electrics Includes:

Designing power – driven installations (supplying, lighting), low – tension installations (telecommunications, fire-fighting, alarm and supervision, aerial and other) and installations like: automation of building and process, technological and logical installations.
You can create any kind of wire as needed.
Complete library of electric objects and symbols based on DIN, EN, ISO and other standards. You can also create customized objects and import objects of other providers.
Spacious libraries of devices and objects that come from standard and catalogs of prestigious producers.
Intelligent inserting symbols in lines or in group of lines and inserting symbols in line crossing. You can select symbols from the library or from a drawing and by using Multisymbols command you can insert many symbols at once.
A set of commands that automate creating electric schemas as well as design of installations for architectural plans and maps.
You can specify any line, symbol or objects and import your libraries into the program.
System of numbering and describing objects along with specifying any technical data.
Parametric objects (switchgears, module of equipment, lighting frames). You can specify any dimensions for these objects and you are not restricted by the current content of the program.
Joining cable trays or cable channels with insert of suitable fittings.
Drawing cable tray sequences.
Drawing system of busbars using elements of prestigious producers. Busbars can be drawn in 2D or 3D.
Automatically create legends and descriptions.
Automatically create specifications with export to PDF, XLS, XLM, CSV, HTML, RTF and more.

iCADsales.com offers each module of the progeBILLD series as separate add-ons or the bundle can be purchased as one. Applications for Civil Survey, CNC CAM, and general productivity tools are also available. 30-day trial software including progeCAD 2009 Professional to power the progeADD-on applications is available on our website at www.icadsales.com/index.pl/Download

About iCADsales.com

iCADSales.com, the largest progeCAD reseller worldwide, offers progeCAD shipping with several different options including NLM Network, USB Mobile, and affordable Site Licensing. progeCAD Add-on products in land design, architecture and mechanical are also available

Download the Free Full 30 day trial versions of each product at http://www.icadsales.com.

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