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Archive for October, 2007

Australia chooses progeCAD as an AutoCAD alternative

Tuesday, October 16th, 2007

CADDIT.net has been engaged by progeCAD since March 2007 to promote and support the progeSOFT product line in Australia and New Zealand.
Today Natalia Solotkova, progeSOFT’s press agent, was meeting Ben Decker, director of CADDIT.net, a distributor of progeCAD in Australia and New Zealand.

Well, Ben, by now you’ve been promoting progeCAD on the Australian market for about a year.  And I’m sure you could share your first impressions of the product you sell and your emotions from the fruits of hard labour already carried out. So, how do you find yourself with a new product to market in Australia?

I’m enthused! It really provides small and large Australian business a fully functional and locally supported alternative to costly AutoCAD software. AutoCAD costs 4500 EUR. progeCAD prices is around 150-300 EUR according with the version.

And what kind of reaction do you receive from the customer? Does he like the progeCAD software?

So far it’s been real good. There have been very few bug reports, and no real complaints from any of our existing progeCAD customers.

What are the customers that mostly buy progeCAD?

These customers currently include mostly architects and engineering firms, along with some builders and construction companies. At this point in time we have some larger opportunities that I can’t discuss… yet.

How do you find it working with the progeSOFT team?

Our relationship with the software manufacturer is better than ever. progeSOFT support is great and issues are resolved quickly.

What can you say about your distribution channel? Are you satisfied with the work of all the elements in the network?

CADDIT.net is now the exclusive sole region distributor for Australia and New Zealand (and we are also working on Vietnam and some other places). Right now, we do need more resellers… especially in Perth and Tasmania.

I’m in the know that you support actively and in every possible way the program “progeCAD to Schools”, don’t you?

Yes, we do. As progeSOFT states progeCAD is FREE TO SCHOOLS – and I can add to it from my part that progeSOFT intends the full meaning of the word “free” –  not free as in restricted by lots of hidden commitments. It is seriously free to all in educational institutions, teachers or students in whatever amount is required for them. Students can and teachers can take it home. It’s a truly great way for schools to teach and use CAD! We invite them to contact us directly through our website if they have more questions.

It has been also due to your contribution that now a lot of Australian Universities and colleges already work with our software!

Many universities, including TAFE, teach with AutoCAD versions six, sometimes eight years old because the school cannot afford AutoCAD upgrades. Again, this is a really alternative.

progeCAD is ten times cheaper than similar packages like AutoCAD. I wonder if your customers are enthusiastic over that fact or, on the contrary, as the proverb says “free cheese can be found only in a mouse-trap”, find it suspicious?

Well, rather often I come across the same type of question. Many rightfully ask: "if progeCAD is basically the same as Auto CAD, then why is it so cheap?" I always answer back: "progeCAD isn’t cheap. AutoCAD is simply overpriced."

How do you feel it is, that the CAD market has come to this point?

Most people equate CAD directly to AutoCAD. A large share of the general public is totally unaware that there are many other CAD programs, even many other *types* of CAD, as well as different CAD file formats and standards. Even fewer are aware that a code base exists which brings full AutoCAD functionality to the public at a much more reasonable price level. Some might even be suspicious of any alternative to a “de facto standard”. So we really invite users just to try it.

The first commercial CAD systems required specialized hardware and extensive administrative overhead to keep in operation. In 1982, a team of 15 released the first successful stand-alone CAD that worked on commodity PC hardware. It was based on a previous work by Mike Riddle called MicroCAD, and was originally planned to assist with "desktop automation" tasks. This new concept was called AutoCAD. It sold for $1000 USD.

AutoCAD introduced other concepts to the general public: the first open CAD format specification. This Data eXchange Format, or DXF, soon became a de facto 2D CAD standard, supported by virtually all platforms. This move ironically helped assure AutoCAD’s place as a market leader. The DXF specification was kept basic, only allowing translation of basic geometry necessary to communicate with downstream applications. Ownership of AutoCAD was still required to read the binary data which stored the complete drawing, including copious attributes and data.

Today, AutoCAD costs more than 4500 EUR, but little has changed in the basic deliverables of the software for several years. Some features, such as IGES support, which appeared in previous releases have actually been removed. AutoCAD uses two things to maintain market share:
1) It’s name. As mentioned earlier, many are unaware of working technical alternatives.
2) A proprietary binary encoded data format called DWG ("DraWinG") that forces those who used AutoCAD in the past to continue using it.

The key now is educating those people aren’t happy about this. We offer an easy alternative with progeCAD.

Ben, thank you for spending a bit of  your precious time with us. We are grateful for this interesting conversation and hope to see you soon in this picturesque town on the Lake of Como. Good luck and wishing you all the best with your further ventures in promoting our progeCAD software.

CPS and ProgeSoft signed a distribution agreement

Thursday, October 11th, 2007

Moscow, 07th August 2007  – JSC СPS, one of the largest distributors of software in Russia, announces a distribution agreement with the progeSoft Company, a European CAD developer. According to the contract the CPS Company  is granted the right to distribute progeCAD software on the territory of the Russian Federation.
The progeCAD system (based on the IntelliCAD technology) provides a professional tool for design and allows making and working with CAD drafts.
progeCAD provides the built-in ACIS solids modeling system allowing importing and editing raster images and Express Tools applications. Among progeCAD’s distinguishing features: photorealistic rendering, PDF, DWF, JPG printing, 3D models export into o2c, PDF import in DWG, raster images processing feature, redline and markup feature, support of the number of programming languages VB, VBA, C++, Lisp – and other features.
Roman Karas, CPS marketing director, points out: «Signing an agreement with  ProgeSoft we are expanding  the range of CAD solutions we supply and we are providing  our partners and their customers with the progeCAD software that has no rivals in relation of price/quality. The software, fully compatible with AutoCAD, is moderately priced in contrast to other systems and at the same time it is an efficient tool for design for a wide range of users – from beginners to professionals. The fact that over 60.000 architect offices worldwide work with progeCAD is evidence of an exceptional popularity of the software. We have a strong belief that progeSOFT’s solutions will be in great demand on the Russian market and will become an indispensable assistant for Russian constructors and designers because progeCAD is the next step in CAD evolution.»

About CPS
CPS (Сenter of Professional Software) – a company, specialized in promotion of modern Information Technologies. The CPS Company is an official distributor, an authorized reseller or a partner of a great many of foreign and Russian software manufacturers  such as: Adobe, Borland, Corel, Eset, Graphisoft, Magix, MAPILab, Nero, Oracle, Roxio, Shortcut, Sony, Symantec, Quark, ABBYY, Doctor Web, Casper Laboratory, PROMT and other companies. CPS has been working on the market since  December 1993 and has a branched partner network that amounts more than 1200 companies not only in Moscow and St. Petersburg but also in other Russian regions and the CIS countries. One of the company’s priority lines is supplying CAD systems, rendering tools, 3D modeling software and modeling in 5D standard. 

Axoft announces Distribution Agreement with progeSOFT

Thursday, October 11th, 2007

AXOFT –  Moscow, Russia, July, 28th, 2007 – announces that it has signed a distribution agreement with the Italian company progeSOFT, a developer of the computer – aided design software. According to the Agreement AXOFT, as Distributor for progeSOFT, is granted the right to sell the complete range of the progeCAD software products on the territory of Russia and the CIS countries.

The Italian company progeSOFT has been developing computer-aided design software for 18 years. The leading product of the company – progeCAD – is a full 2D/3D CAD powered by the most recent IntelliCAD Technology. progeCAD is unique due to its compatibility with AutoCAD®: supports DWG and DXF formats from AutoCAD® versions 2.5  to 2007; offers DWG format as a  native format of the progeCAD; has the familiar look of the interface, control panels, icons that make the software easy to use.

ProgeCAD has been successfully used in the world both by personal users and large corporations, such as PIRELLI, SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC, ABB Group etc.

The company progeSOFT is member of the international technological consortium (ITC – IntelliCAD Technology Consortium) which has its headquarters in the USA. At present over 30 companies from various parts of the world compose the consortium and they have been developing their software on the IntelliCAD platform.

In 2006 the progeSOFT authority has declared their prospects of entering the Russian CAD market and on July, 24th, 2007 has signed an agreement with the Axoft company, one of the leading distributor of software in Russia and the CIS countries. " For progeSOFT the year 2007 is marked by its entering onto the Russian market. We are grateful to our partners here – the Axoft Company, that has estimated the progeCAD software at its true worth. Our mutual goals are to carry out a series of marketing efforts informing the customers of the progeCAD product line as well as to encourage the users’ greater faith and confidence in the progeSOFT Company”,  – has noted Damiano Croci, sales director for foreign countries at progeSOFT.

Contact information

Olga Naboko
Marketing and PR manager
The AXOFT Company
Tel./fax: (495) 232-52-15
E-mail: OlgaN@axoft.ru


The AXOFT Company, established in 2004 on the foundation of the Softline distribution department, is one of the leaders on the market of software distribution in Russia and the CIS countries. The company’s portfolio includes software of over 320 vendors. The partners network counts over 2300 operating resellers. The AXOFT regional offices work in 18 cities of Russia and 6 CIS countries. The turnover of the company for 2006 has exceeded 25 million dollars, the business growth has made more than 120 % comparing with the year 2005.
More information on the company can be found on the website: www.axoft.ru