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progeSOFT Releases Milestone 2008 Version of IntelliCAD — progeCAD 2008

Friday, September 21st, 2007

Como Italy September 23, 2007 — progeSOFT today announced the worldwide release of progeCAD 2008. progeCAD is widely regarded as a CAD system of highest quality and compatibility with the AutoCAD® product line. progeCAD’s native DWG support is unsurpassed in completeness – including embedded table support, raster image manipulation and 3D ACIS® modeling. This new release brings progeCAD closer than ever to match AutoCAD® in speed, functionality and reliability.

progeCAD has already won the loyalty of many users with robust features like DWGT / DXFT / DWFT 2007 support, Polar Tracking, eSnap (like oSnapT), PDF import / export, raster to vector support, advanced hatching and more – all at a very low price. Now progeCAD 2008 offers important new additional features. Some of these major new features are:

    * AutoCAD® 2008 native file support
    * E-Transmit (bundle a drawing with all dependencies like xrefs for sending)*
    * True Color support
    * More advanced REFEDIT (in-place Block editing)*
    * "Entity dependent" Context-Sensitive Menus
    * Improved Asiatic font support
    * -Hidden line in Dview (perspective)
    * Integrated Software Updater
    * New raster Engine with grip edit on images, .png format support*
    * ECW (Enhanced Compression Wavelet) support*
    * JPEG 2000 support*
    * Find & replace*
    * Snap- and eSanp- from
    * Export DWF 3D
    * Creating and using Wipeout entities
    * Lock layout viewports: to lock the model space view or location while panning or zooming in paper space
    * Support for the new DWG v 2007/2008 system variables
    * Support for DWGCODEPAGE system variable (drawing character sets)
*indicates this feature is only available with progeCAD Pro version.

There are also important improvements to existing features like faster layout management, improved save and open file performance, Windows Vista compatibility, improved printing interface, improved Xref support, easier moving of licenses and hundreds of other bug fixes.

progeSOFT Como, Italy has been specializing in CAD for the last 20 years and is an executive member of the IntelliCAD® Technology Consortium.
They can be contacted via their website at http://www.progesoft.com

progeCAD 2008 Professional Released, Reads and Writes AutoCAD 2008 Drawing Files

Thursday, September 20th, 2007

Portland, OR, USA – September 19, 2007 – progeSOFT announced today the release of the progeSOFT Version of IntelliCAD. progeCAD 2008 Professional now edits and saves AutoCAD 2008 drawings!

progeSOFT 2008 Professional can open, read, and allow you to edit drawings created with all versions of AutoCAD. In addition, progeCAD 2008 Professional provides compatibility by providing an “AutoCAD Like” icon menu, AutoLISP compatibility, VBA, the same fonts, scripts, and a command list you are used to working with, at 1/10th the price.

“progeSOFT has opened the world to AutoCAD 2008 drawings while easing the migration to a lower cost, AutoCAD compatible, CAD software package. We have provided a major step forward for IntelliCAD users.” said Damiano Croci, progeSOFT s.a.s.

In addition, progeCAD includes True Color and Color Book support, Asiatic Font support, and DWGCODEPAGE support to allow you to set the character set in your drawings. progeCAD 2008 Professional allows you to use wipeout, hides lines in perspective views, and includes a new raster image engine with grips on raster entities and PNG Image support. A new raster format is included; ECW (Enhanced Compression Wavelet), a format optimized for aerial and satellite imagery, and efficient at compressing very large images with fine, alternating contrast. progeCAD 2008 Professional also supports the JPEG 2000 format.

The AutoCAD DWG 2007 support within progeCAD 2008 Professional will allow designers to lower their CAD software and training budget while still supporting the processes they are currently using. CAD users can open the same drawings, run the same menus and commands, and get off the ground running by utilizing the compatibility of progeCAD 2007 Professional at 1/10th the price.

Other new features include:

• e-transmit – Package the drawings and all support files for easy digital transmission to others
• Advanced Reference Edit – Save As has the option of creating a copy of the reference inside the saved drawing
• Software Updater – Software updates are automatically checked and proposed to the user for download
• Find and Replace – Globally find and replace text and block attributes
• Export 3D DWF – Export the 3D format of the popular web viewing format
• Lock Layouts in Viewports – Lock the model space view or location while panning or zooming in paper space

With hundreds of code fixes, progeCAD 2008 Professional is the most productive IntelliCAD ever, including fast layouts management, improved open and save file performance, improved print interface, improved XREF support, and support for new system variables in 2007/2008 DWG.

A new registration process allows you to easily transfer licenses between computers and makes the authorizing of progeCAD licenses seamless.

“This release breaks new ground by opening the AutoCAD 2008 format drawings to designers, drafters, engineers and architects. Companies now locked into their vendor’s software have a choice, a choice to save thousands of dollars without affecting productivity” said Scott Hucke, President, progeSOFT North America. 

About progeCAD 2008 Professional
progeCAD 2008 Professional is CAD software highly compatible with industry standards, such as AutoCAD DWG v2.5 through 2008, “AutoCAD Like” menus, SHX and TrueType fonts, AutoLISP, AutoCAD blocks, etc. Sold at a fraction of the cost of most AutoCAD software, progeCAD 2008 Professional, powered by IntelliCAD, is a logical choice for drafters, designers, engineers, architects, anyone needing AutoCAD compatible software.

About ProgeSOFT
ProgeSOFT, (http://www.progesoft.com), a founding member of the IntelliCAD Technology Consortium Board of Directors, has been specializing in CAD for over 20 years and develops CAD products for the general, mechanical and architectural industries. progeSOFT products are distributed within North America by progeSOFT North America (http://www.progesoft.us).

progeCAD is either a registered trademark or trademark of progeSOFT, in the USA and/or other countries. IntelliCAD is a registered trademark or trademark of the IntelliCAD Technology Consortium in the USA and/or other countries. AutoCAD, and AutoLISP are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Autodesk, Inc., in the USA and/or other countries. All other brand names, product names, or trademarks belong to their respective holders.

Contact Information (Only for North America)

progeSOFT North America
12042 SE Sunnyside Rd.
Suite 591
Clackamas, OR 97015
Email: press@progesoft.us
+1 503-946-6600