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CADDIT.net Brings progeCAD Product Line to Australia

Friday, April 13th, 2007

CADDIT Pty Ltd Australia today announced their introduction of the progeCAD product line to Australia. As a result, Australian architects, engineers, designers and other CAD professionals have access to a local VAR for this high value CAD solution. The agreement between progeSOFT SAS and CADDIT Pty Ltd opens the way for potentially faster support and greater visibility of the progeCAD product in Australia. "We are happy to carry the progeCAD product line here. Our customers should know that there exist functional alternatives to the expensive CAD systems that they currently have to buy", said Ben Decker, the director for CADDIT Pty Ltd.

progeCAD has enjoyed a lot of success internationally, offering file compatibility and comparable interface and feature-set with AutoCAD®, the dominant 2D architectural drafting product used in Australia. Reviews for progeCAD overseas have been most favorable. Located in Sydney, Australia’s largest city, CADDIT Pty Ltd is well located to support the potential market there. "It’s a great place to advertise and get the word out", said Ben.

progeCAD offers exciting features at remarkably low cost when compared to any competing products. It is one of the few mature IntelliCAD based products to offer ACIS solid modeling and a full suite of express tools and raster manipulation functions. Coupled with a solid DWG  DXF reader-writer, this is a robust alternative to the many Australian AutoCAD users. So, believe it or not, the CADDIT.net introductory price for progeCAD Professional will be a modest AU$585.

CADDIT Pty Ltd plans to demonstrate the product at several key industry conventions and interest groups over the next 12 months. They also plan to expand their design contracting operations and make more daily use of progeCAD in house. Ben called their strategy "a staged, organic approach" for which growth "will certify our faith in the value of our products". Ben himself had worked on "a number of CAD systems" over the years, including AutoCAD® and CATIA®, and in a number of countries and industries. His company "will work to challenge the other local vendors to new levels of competency and customer satisfaction". 

CADDIT Pty Ltd is legally based in Sydney, Australia and provides a wide range of design solutions, ranging from consulting to design contracting, software development and sales. They can be contacted via their online website at www.caddit.net.

ProgeSOFT SAS Como, Italy has been specializing in CAD for the last 18 years and is a member of the IntelliCAD Technology Consortium executive committee. They can be contacted via their online website at www.progesoft.com.

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progeCAD 2007 Professional by Mark Goldstein

Friday, April 6th, 2007

Reviewed by: Mark Goldstein, April 2007
Published by: progeSOFT
Requires: Microsoft Windows 98 through Windows Vista, Intel Pentium III or faster, PC with 512MB RAM, 300MB available hard disk space
MSRP: US$245.00

progeCAD is a computer aided 2D & 3D design program. It’s based on the IntelliCAD engine which just happens to be one of AutoCAD’s most powerful challengers. Because AutoCAD is the most widely used professional CAD software on the market today, anything that competes in AutoCAD’s sandbox has to be able to not only vie for attention in a difficult and entrenched environment, but also provide some incentives to move off the industry standard. ProgeSOFT is a serious company with a serious CAD product and offers extensive technical product support, so we decided to give progeCAD a heavy duty test. We reviewed progeCAD over a two month period in a busy architectural and industrial design studio. The results may surprise you.

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