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ProgeSOFT Releases ProgeCAD 2006 Professional, version 6.1.8

Thursday, April 20th, 2006

Como, Italy – April 19, 2006 – ProgeSOFT announced today ProgeCAD® 2006 Professional v6.1.8, based on the IntelliCAD® 6.1 CAD Engine, including important fixes for all CAD users.

Over 50 improvements have been made in ProgeCAD 2006 Professional 6.1.8 in the areas of dimensions, text handling and true type fonts, cut and paste between drawings, VBA and LISP programming, Audionotes, and editing functions.

“Our customers have been providing direct feedback to our development teams to continually improve the reliability and speed of producing AutoCAD compatible DWG drawings with progeCAD.”, said Scott Hucke, President of progeSOFT.US, the North American progeSOFT Distributor. “progeSOFT has a long history of listening to it’s customers when developing new releases of our software, and this release demonstrates that commitment.”

ProgeCAD 2006 Professional includes a library manager for discipline specific symbols, ACIS 3D solid modeling, raster image support, rendering, and a unique set of tools that only ProgeSOFT offers. ProgeCAD software supports the DWG design file format, from version 2.5 through 2006, plus compatibility with AutoCAD® menus, scripts, blocks, VBA and AutoLISP® programming, etc.

progeSOFT plans an upgrade to the progeCAD DWG Viewer, a review, measure and plotting tool for AutoCAD drawings within the next few weeks, including important new markup features.

ProgeSOFT also offers ProgeARC 2006, architectural design software based on the ArchT design engine, and ProgeMEC 2006, for mechanical design tasks. See our list of Authorized Resellers to obtain your own ProgeSOFT evaluation software.

About ProgeSOFT.US

ProgeSOFT.US, (http://www.progesoft.us), is the North American distributor for ProgeSOFT IntelliCAD software and provides marketing, sales and support for United States ProgeSOFT resellers.

About ProgeSOFT

ProgeSOFT, (http://www.progesoft.com), a founding member of the IntelliCAD Technology Consortium Board of Directors, has been specializing in CAD for the last 20 years and develops CAD products for the general, mechanical and architectural industries.

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