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ProgeCAD and “Honorable Architect Award 2013”

Wednesday, February 5th, 2014

ProgeCAD is associating itself with its Indian Partner to congratulate Mr. PRS Siva Kumar on receiving “Honourable Architect Award 2013” from the Indian Institute of Architects.

Mr. PRS Siva Kumar, an internationally recognized Architect from India, has been using progeCAD License in his design and development office.
Apart from the “Honourable Architect Award 2013”, Mr PRS was also awarded “Dream house of the year 2013” and “Dream House Interior of the Year 2013″ for the design of a Bungalow in down South of Tamilnadu. Furthermore, Mr. PRS’s design of a garments factory at Thirupur (Tamilnadu) was rated as one of the 10 best semi-industrial Green Buildings in Tamilnadu.

Mr. PRS is one of the most valuable ProgeCAD Supporters who has not only been using the progeCAD software in his everyday design tasks, but also collaborating with the ProgeCAD Team through feedback and his shrewd observation contributing to the software improvement from version to version.

progeCAD Professional ENG v.

Monday, July 29th, 2013

ProgeCAD is happy to announce the release of another important update for the progeCAD 2013 CAD software platform. progeCAD is a well-known AutoCAD® alternative capable of fast DWG CAD drawing, PDF import/export, architectural or mechanical CAD drawing at a fraction of the cost of AutoCAD® or AutoCAD LT®. progeCAD 2013 is a milestone update which delivers over 300 improvements.

Some of these improvements include minor additions to the user interface, such as adding a “remove boundaries” button in the hatch dialog, improvement to QSELECT and adding message box to allow to user to show created PDF or JPG after printing. Other enhancements include developer improvements in SDS C++, VBA and support for several new VL, VLA and VLAX functions including  vlax-get-acad-object, vla-get-activedocument, vla-get-modelspace, vlax-get-property and much more.

Speed and reliability has also been improved again in multiple areas including copy, undo, freeze & thaw, selectionpreview, group sorting by name, general graphics and navigation as well as others areas. Other improvements include over 100 small fixes in various areas of the software environment.

Existing users of progeCAD 2013 should be notified automatically of the update via the progeCAD update advisor. Users can also download the fully updated version from www.progesoft.com or one of their international partners. For a free thirty-day trial of this latest version of progeCAD, CAD users are encouraged to visit the website of the region progeCAD representative, such as www.progecad.us in the US and Canada or www.caddit.net in Australia and New Zealand. See www.progesoft.com for a complete list.

ProgeCAD and InterMold Thailand 2013

Monday, May 27th, 2013

InterMold Thailand 2013ProgeCAD’s Partner in Thailand is participating in the InterMold Thailand 2013 Tradeshow, which is part of Manifacturing Expo 2013, the national largest manufacturing and supporting industries event. The trade exhibition will be held from July 20th to 23rd at the Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Center (BITEC), a highly acclaimed exhibition venue.

The InterMold Tradeshow 2013 is one of the 4 specialized Trade Exhibitions for parts makers of Manifacturing Expo 2013, that also includes 4 co-located shows and 4 featured pavilions in one. It is the 21st edition of the InterMold Show dedicated to machinery and technology for Mold & Die manufacturing.

The official calendar proposes various activities including a technology forum of the latest trends in the surface treatment and coating. This is an excellent opportunity for auto makers to discover new ways to up product value and sharpen competitive edge. The tradeshow attendees will be able to visit the Robotic Center to watch live demonstration and robot technologies that can enhance auto parts manufacturing processes. Furthermore, the exhibition will hold the Plastic Innovation and Consultancy Centre which will showcase high performance and smart materials from petrochemical research. In addition, the engineering master class 2, which theme is “Hi-tech solutions for mold & die manufacturing”, will involve in practical process all the people interested in productivity improvement.

At this major manufacturing tradeshow ProgeCAD Thai Partner will be presenting the new features of progeCAD 2013, which stability and performance have been significantly improved. In fact, the CAD package is fully compatible with AutoCAD® DWG files from 2.5 to 2013 and with the recent Windows 8 operating system, has become up to 20 times faster and also includes the PDF to DWG converter.

The organisers expect many visitors to attend the tradeshow to discover new machinery, technologies, equipment, tools, auto and industrial parts. All the planned activities and seminaries will surely catch the attention of industry professionals, manufacturers or industrialists that are invited to join the event and also visit ProgeCAD at Stand n°MD03 in the Mold&Die Pavilion.

For more information about ProgeCAD, please visit www.progecad.com , about ProgeCAD Partner in Thailand, please go to http://www.cadinnovative.co.th

We invite you to follow our blog to be updated on future initiatives!



Stavební veletrh Brne IBF 2013

Monday, April 22nd, 2013







Dovolujeme si Vás pozvat na Stavební veletrh v Brně IBF 2013 ve dnech 23.-27.4.2013 a k návštěvě stánku společnosti SoliCAD, s.r.o. Pavilon P, st. č. 158.

Během konání veletrhu budeme všem zájemcům prezentovat CAD/CAM řešení, nejen pro projektanty a architekty. Součástí prezentace budou i CAM aplikace, vhodná i pro stavební výrobu.

Dalším exponátem bude robotické pracoviště s LASERovou hlavou, používanou v technologii dělení materiálu.

progeCAD  – náhrada za AutoCAD

T-Flex CAD – profesionální CAD aplikace

Alibre Design – skvělý poměr cena x výkon

SprutCAM – výkonný CAM

Visual Components – robotika

KeyShot – renderování a vizualizace

Postup registrace firemní pozvánky/ promokódu:
– jděte na stránky www.bvv.cz/ibf
– klikněte na odkaz “REGISTRACE NÁVŠTĚVNÍKŮ”
– zadejte registrační kód/ pro IBF je to / SVB2013KLM
– vyplňte zobrazený formulář a odešlete

Po registraci Vám bude emailem zaslán voucher (pdf), který si vytiskněte. Voucher Vás opravňuje k jednorázovému vstupu na veletrh s 50% slevou.

International Building Fairs 2013

Monday, April 22nd, 2013







ProgeCAD and SoliCAD s.r.o. invite you to the 18th International Building Fairs (ITB Brno 2013) which will take place in Brno, Czech Republic from Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013 until Friday, April 27th, 2013.

The 18th IBF covers practically all areas of the building industry: building construction and engineering services, building crafts and technologies, building materials and products as well as machinery construction. SoliCAD, a design office and official distributor for progeCAD, is setting up its stand at IBF to present  the latest CAD solutions to all fair attendees. Not only designers and architects and any other industry professional, but also anyone who has to do with DWG drawings or is willing to learn drafting will find the SoliCAD stand  worth their attention.  SoliCAD will take pleasure in offering either the software basics or further insight into the progeCAD product to any visitor at their stand so that they could acquaint themselves with the best AutoCAD alternative.

All visitors are welcome! You can receive a 50% discount of the entrance fee for the 18th ITB Exhibition.
For that , you just need to contact SoliCAD (info@solicad.com) and ask for an invitation card.

progeCAD 2013 Professional: big steps forward with the new alternative CAD version

Tuesday, April 16th, 2013

ProgeCAD is pleased to announce a new release of its flagship product: progeCAD 2013 Professional.

After many efforts, the result is a new software package which looks like the best product among the CAD alternatives. The new release allows to open 2013 DWG files and is compatible with Windows 8. These implementations are most advantageous to users that will surely benefit from other updates as well. The software has been renewed with exclusive features and tools capable to tempt any CAD professionals, just to mention a few of them: drawing open and save time improvement, separate hatches and hatch trim, PDF to DWG conversion and new blocks available on iCADLib.

You may wonder if such product exists. “Yes, it does”. Not only does it exist, but also the software has improved by leaps and bounds thanks to the hard work of the development team that made the program richer than its previous versions.

You may wonder what this product is like. Here you are! It is reliable, easy-to-use and low-cost. These qualities are taken into consideration by professionals who care about their work productivity.

It is Reliable because it guarantees the usage of DWG files created with previous versions or with other software without any conversion. The native format of the software is DWG as always and that ensures a full compatibility with AutoCAD® files including recent DWG 2013. Not to forget the full integration with the latest Windows 8 operating system, as well as Windows 7, XP and Vista. Moreover, the software performance is improved and you can test it by yourself opening and saving DWG files. It is up to 20 times faster than before!

It is Easy-to-use because it provides familiar to AutoCAD® users features and tools.

It is Low-cost because its price is extremely reduced compared to competing products. The full list of the progeCAD 2013 Professional features is available on our official youtube channel at www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Z0YnIl42rs


progeCAD 2013 Professional is really new, in fact our development team have worked hard on the rewrite of the entire source code to generate a powerful alternative to AutoCAD® software.

But is it really so? The 2013 version includes many characteristics that can easily compete with other CAD products. It also contains the following features:

–   Separate Hatches and Hatch Trim. Creation and editing of separate  hatches.
–   PC3 Print Support. PC3 files enable you to easily configure a plotter and save the settings for later uses.
–   Spline Editing. Delete, add, move fit points of a spline; open or close a spline; edit the spline start and end tangents.
–   Multigrip Editing. Modify, move, rotate, scale, stretch  a single or multiple objects using multiple Grips.
–   Snap Extension. Snap to some point along the imaginary extension of a line, arc or polyline segment.
–   Traceparts and Cadenas for progeCAD.  iCADLib integrates the progeCAD Traceparts  and progeCAD Cadenas web portal.
–   New Dimension Options and Features. Quick, Jogged and Inspection Dimension, Arc Lenght.
–   Multiline Command. It allows to draw multiple parallel lines in a single command.
–   New Print Interface. The AutoCAD®-like style print dialog with Page Setup Manager.
–   PDF, DWF and DGN Underlay. PDF files can be attached as an underlay to a drawing file and used as a background for your drawings.
–   DGN Import. It allows to open Microstation files.
–   FlatShot. The command converts 3D solids to a 3-view 2D drawing.
–   AEC objects visualization. Graphical entities created with Architectural Desktop can be visualized inside a DWG drawing.
–  Helix Command. It allows to draw a 3D polyline in the form of a helix.
–  Loft Command extrudes several shapes and makes one continuous object.
–   STL and Collada (DAE) Export. These file formats are supported by many software packages.

We invite you to watch our official video about the new characteristics at www.youtube.com/watch?v=4jG9c6x9Ir0

The PDF to DWG file converter is only one of the other exclusive features of progeCAD 2013 Professional and it responds to client needs. This tool allows you to import an existing PDF, convert it to DWG, open/edit it as if it were any other CAD drawing.

The unprecedented advantage is that users will save much time by retrieving drawings from catalogs or brochures and editing them without their original files. The software also includes a renewed version of EasyArch, the 2D architectural plugin, that increases productivity in creating floor plans and furniture layouts. The user will appreciate being able to draw a door or all other architectural elements of a floorplan by directly inserting a dynamic element selected from those available, with the possibility to vary all the parameters. EasyArch now supports Metric and Imperial measurement systems.

The iCADLib libraries have become a feather in progeCAD’s cap being beefed up with more than thousands of new blocks in the 2013 version. The libraries are now integrated with the TraceParts and Cadenas portals, where you can access millions of blocks. There, customers can easily download and insert producer standard parts and normalized symbols in their drawings.

Another significant feature of the software package is the integration with Google Earth to import georeferenced data and images and to publish 3D CAD models in Google Earth. Last, but not least, is the raster-to-vector tool provided to upload images that are then converted into drawings.
There is a special page dedicated to the technical aspects of the software at www.progesoft.com/en/products/progecad-professional/

We invite you to follow us on our official website: www.progecad.com For all those interested a free 30-day trial version of progeCAD 2013 Professional is available on www.progesoft.com/en/ while those who want to leave comments or suggestion, they may do so on ProgeCAD’s official facebook page at www.facebook.com/pages/progeSOFT-progeCAD/136313050820

39th UAP National Convention and CONEX 2013 in Pasay City

Friday, April 12th, 2013

On April 18-20, 2013, thousands of the Philippines’s leading architects and design professionals will meet for the 39th UAP National Convention and CONEX 2013 at SMX Convention Center in Pasay City. It is the Philippines’ largest building and construction Expo and ProgeCAD Philippines is participating in it unveiling the new release of progeCAD 2013 Professional.

“One Vision, One Direction, One UAP” is the official theme of the event, whereby the United Architects of the Philippines (UAP) aims at highlighting the idea of a sustainable city in its Annual National tradeshow.

Architects will play a decisive role in this evolution by implementing the necessary changes to create more sustainable cities and offer better living conditions, the determining factors for personal development and well-being. This occasion represents the ideal platform for architects, designers, UIA Member Sections to demonstrate their role in developing the cities of the future.​

ProgeCAD Philippines is joining this exciting event for the first time with the slogan “One Vision, One Direction, One UAP” to present its cost effective solutions for a sustainable professional practice.

The official calendar of CONEX 2013 proposes many seminars, film shows and presentations during three days of the event. The organisers expect many visitors to attend the tradeshow, even more than last year. In fact, Conex attendees will be able to acquaint themselves with a vast range of products, materials, technologies and services. CONEX 2013 is designed to be an incubator of inspiration and a place to share critical information.

Architects, designers, planners and other Architectural industry professionals are welcomed to join the event starting next Thursday. The ProgeCAD team would like to invite all those who have to deal with DWG drawing files and who will happen to be around Pasay City in this period to come and visit the progeCAD stand P131 at SMX Convention Center. Nice and exciting surprises will be awaiting you.

For more information about the progeCAD software, please visit our websites www.progecad.com and  www.progecad.ph. To get in touch with the ProgeCAD office in the Philippines, please find their contact details at  www.progecad.ph/index.php/contact. We will be keeping you updated on future initiatives!

Great success for the 80th Philippine Institute of Architects (PIA) National Convention

Friday, March 1st, 2013

Our ProgeCAD Philippine partner has participated in this prominent event promoting our software together with “green topics”. For three days last week Cebu City hosted the PIA Convention and around 500 architects visited the city on this occasion.
The meeting theme was “Touching Earth Touching lives” and it focused on ecological and social awareness in design. The Philippine Institute of Architects, the event organiser, grabbed this opportunity to spread the “green culture” to the participants. The convention has become a success thanks to the presence of three notable speakers: Kazuko Sejima, Kundoldibya Panitchpakdi and Doosdee Thaitakoo. They contributed to the event expressing their ideas on “Architecture is environment”, “Sustainable Housing in the Time of Climate Change”  and “Balancing Conservation and Development in Historic Town Centers”. The convention could not certainly overlook the environmental issues the Philippines have been facing, there were a few lectures about sustainable houses and way of balancing conservation on historical places.
Dennis Mayo, director at the Architechy, was full of enthusiasm sharing his impression about the event: “The attendees were very warm and impressed with the progeCAD software”. He also presented our software in one of the main assembly organised by PIA.ProgeCAD is always sensible to friendly environmental topics and the 80th Philippine Institute of Architects National Convention was the best occasion to increase its green attitude.

Soon our Philippine Distributor will be taking part in another exciting event, the UAP CONEX 2013 tradeshow taking place on the 18-20 April 2013, we will keep you updated on further initiatives!


80th National Annual Convention: PIA and ProgeCAD support the “green cause”

Wednesday, February 20th, 2013

The ProgeCAD team recommends to all his followers the participation in an interesting event:  the 80th National Annual Convention. It will take place in Cebu City from the next 21st to 24th of February and it is organised by the Philippine Institute of Architects (PIA) and supported by our ProgeCAD Philippines partner.
“Touching Earth, touching Lives” is the main theme of the meeting, it will focus on ecological and social awareness in design. The Philippine Institute of Architects takes always care of environmentally friendly topics showing its green advocacy as well as ProgeCAD.
Architect Dioscoro Alesna Jr, event co-chairman for plans and programs, states: “The theme mainly covers on how architecture literally affects the earth, the way in which a building “sits” in its environment and its visual impact in the cityscape and how we, as architects, touch people’s lives with our designs”. His sentence sums up the peculiar aspects of the forthcoming convention. It is very actual especially now after the recent natural disasters occurred in the Philippines, where new design solutions were developed, for example: emergency housing and refugee camp using paper-tube walls or paper poles used also in Japan and Africa.
In fact, the Philippine Institute of Architects sees the convention as a way where architects can discuss and plan new developments in case of calamities. The three days meeting is inspired by well-renowned architects in the global industry and was driven to address the environmental issues facing the Philippines. The 80th national annual convention is also a way to involve new followers to the green movement promoting a change in culture and attitude of people.
The official calendar evinces the presence of the notable speakers: Kazuko Sejima, Kundoldibya Panitchpakdi and Doosdee Thaitakoo. Unfortunately Shigeru Ban is unable to be part of the event as advertised in the last period. The first contribution is “Architecture is environment” by Kazuko Sejima. She won the prestigious Pritzker prize together with Ryue Nishizawa. The second contribution is “Sustainable Housing in the Time of Climate Change” by Kundoldibya Panitchpakdi and the third one is “Balancing Conservation and Development in Historic Town Centers” by DosadeeThaitakoo, both architects from Thailand. Then there will be lectures about sustainable houses and way of balancing conservation on historical places. All this will be accurately supervised by ProgeCAD that always supports these environmentally friendly causes.
Architects and representatives of non-architect companies are welcomed to join the event starting from Thursday and we invite you to do the same! For more information about ProgeCAD, visit our website www.progecad.com and about our Philippine partner, click here http://progecad.ph/index.php/contact

ProgeSOFT IntelliCAD on Caddepot

Tuesday, December 28th, 2004

Let’s go on with all web sites talking and referring about ProgeSOFT IntelliCAD software and ProgeSOFT CAD generally.

CADdepot .com is a many years appreciated web site specialized in CAD software and content.

So we are proud that you can find ProgeSOFT IntelliCAD also on Caddepot.com